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Pets and Pet Supplies Cortland NY


A lot of new fish  coming  weekly....Really nice looking, lots of different  corys, black mollies, powder blue dwarf gouramis, pearl gouramis, 4 line catfish, asst cichlids, bee gobies, firemouths, koi, comets and other pond fish,  and  more.

Just got a big delivery of bird toys, small animal  treats  and  toys, decorations for tanks ,  lots  of  new betta stuff  and  more,  stop in.

Baby  rats  ready  to  go, assorted  colors...make  great  pets 

NEW  lizards  red sided skinks, pink belly swift, savannah  monitor babies,  marble  gecko,  senegal chameleons, anoles

Chinese  hamsters  back  in  stock,  very  tame,  great  pets

Corn  snakes  in stock,  babies,  small,  tame.....

GUINEA  PIGS  ..we  have  solids, tricolored  and  teddy  guinea pigs  all  young

TEDDY  BEAR  HAMSTERS...young ,  6  weeks  old very  cute

Society finches  back  in  stock,  very  pretty

Parakeets  back  in  stock...pretty  colors

We  now  get  feeder mice  and  feeder  rats  weekly

small  and  Lg  crickets  weekly  and  superworms  are  back  in  stock

 IN  STOCK    baby  robo  hamsters,  baby  djungarian  hamsters

gerbils  back  in  stock  too.

A lot  more  lizards  will  be  coming  in  as  we  get  closer  to  Spring. A  lot  of  reptiles  are  rested  during  the  winter.  But  we  will  have  baby  bearded  dragons  soon  and  I  get  very  good  ones  from  a  breeder.  Hers  are  super  friendly.   well  worth  waiting  for...So  stay  tuned  for  those

 hermit crabs....some with painted shells

new  batch  of  hermit crab supplies

fiddler crabs  in  stock  and  blue  lobsters

DON'T FORGET we have supplies for all your pet needs..

and we have live feeder rats in 3 sizes, live feeder mice several sizes, crickets, mealworms, superworms and frozen fish foods.

we can also order in frozen mice and rats.

Something new always coming

use the contact page if you have any questions

Stop in and take a look at all the great things we  have to offer

Keep in mind  we  do  not  do  returns  on  fish,  be  sure  you  want  the  fish  before  you  buy  it.

The reason we don't do returns is to keep track of the health of our fish.

If we start taking fish back in exchange  for another,  we  don't  know  if that fish  got cold  or too hot,  etc

Then  it  could  get  sick  and  pollute  our  tanks.  So  just  be  aware  of  the  fact  we  don't  take  fish  back  in  return of  another,  Thank you