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Pets and Pet Supplies Cortland NY


We are  still getting  in  some  pond  fish, nice shibunkins, red comets, gold koi.

Lots of new Tropical fish too.  We  get  our  fish  from  a  very  good  fish farm.  The  quality is very good. our  fish  tend to sell fast, they come on Thursday

New  animals  constantly  coming  in  all the time.

New  Baby chinchilla in stock, very cute female, mosaic with black face...rare color

New  Cockatiels  some  pure  white  and  one  white and gray, young and fairly tame.really  gorgeous.

IN  STOCK and great pricing :

Baby  hooded  rats  are  ready  to  go,  very  cute...make  great  pets

another litter of baby rats  almost ready,  lots  of  colors.

8  week  old  mini rex  bunnies,  very  friendly.  nice  rex fur

guinea pigs , males

 baby  gerbils, small

More  bear hamsters  female  and male...raised locally,  tame

  Lots  of  new  hermit crabs. medium natural shells  and  painted  shells.

 young  parakeets  asst  colors,


zebra finches,  society finches

Yellow canaries

  green iguana   in  stock

 clubtail iguana,  neat  looking

stripe gecko

white spotted gecko

 out of leopard geckos but more on the way soon

  African  shorthair  rats....babies,  make  great  not  get  bi

  baby  corn  snakes.

Chinese hamsters  tame.

albino  dwarf  frogs  back  in  stock

mealworms  back  in  stock

we  have  lg  and  sm  feeder  mice 

we  have  sm, med, lg feeder rats

We  have  crickets  every  week

we  have  super worms  too

hermit crabs.

fiddler crabs  in  stock  

Still being hard to get Ferrets 


DON'T FORGET we have supplies for all your pet needs..

treats, food, decorations, kits  all kinds  of  supplies

and we have live feeder rats in 3 sizes, live feeder mice several sizes, crickets, mealworms, superworms and frozen fish foods.

Still some items are out of stock and hard to get,  mostly  due  to  the  supply  chain  that  seems  to  affect  all  stores.

use the contact page if you have any questions

Stop in and take a look at all the great things we  have to offer

Keep in mind  we  do  not  do  returns  on  fish...