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Pets and Pet Supplies Cortland NY


We  will be  open  Christmas  Eve 10am  til  5pm

closed Christmas Day

Our goal is to give you the best quality pet and pet supply at the best possible price.

We have been in Business 31 years.

If you've been to our store, Thank you. If not, stop in soon. You'll be pleasantly surprised....

WE TAKE VISA AND MASTER CARD... There are No extra fees if you use your debit card.

We  get  deliveries  often, Covid has made some of our deliveries  every  2  weeks  instead  of  weekly.

So  if  you  come  in  and  we  are  out  of  something, it  usually shows  up  the  next week, be  sure  to  let  us  know  what you needed.

We are just a small mom and pop store but  I  do  my  best  to  keep  things  in  stock.

A  lot  depends on  the  business  too,  if  it's  really  busy  it's easier to ship things in.

We  thank  all  of  Cortland  and  surrounding  area  for  all the support  you  have  given us  the  last  31  years.

Our animals are well cared for, many from local  breeders,  our  fish  come  from  a  really  good  fish  farm  that's been in  business a long time.

Our tanks are clean  and fish are healthy

We  have had trouble getting  some  things  during this covid problem.

BIRDS have been very hard to get,  Reptiles  were  hard  to  get  but  are  showing up again.

Large fish tanks have  also  been hard to get.

Hopefully  all  these  things  will show  up  again  as  soon as  this  covid  thing is gone.

3925 WEST RD. Cortland, NY 13045

in with the new T J Nails Spa and Subway

Mon 2:00-7:00   Tues 2-6    Wed 10-6   Thurs noon-7    Fri 10-7   Sat 10-7   Sunday 2PM-6PM

some  days  our  hours  are  back  to  normal

Once  all  this  virus  stuff  goes  away,  we  should  be  able  to  go  back  to  all  of  our  normal  hours.

But  for  now,  this  is  the  best  we  can  do.

We appreciate  your  business very  much